Don’t have enough time to watch every movie ever made, but still want to join in when others talk about it? Do you want answers to questions such as ‘Was Citizen Kane really the greatest movie ever made?’ or ‘Which summer blockbuster is worth the price of admission?’ You could go to some ritzy movie site where they talk about cinematography, camera angle, and everything you don’t care about it a movie. Or, you can just come here.

We are two women who watch more movies than we know what to do with. From the classics to summer blockbusters to b-listers, we watch them all. We are average movie-goers who mostly look to be entertained, but sometimes we take note of the more subtle details. So sit back, make some popcorn, and enjoy the film.

Favorite movies: Fight Club, Sin City, A Clockwork Orange
Favorite genres: Horror, Drama, Abstract (for lack of a better description)
Favorite actors: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite movies: Interview with the Vampire, Phantom of the Opera (2004), Pride and Prejudice (2004).
Favorite genres: Horror, Classics, Period Pieces
Favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Barbara Stanwyck, Laurence Olivier

You may contact us at goodflickas@gmail.com.

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