2 comments on “Actor Profile: Dane DeHaan

  1. horrible perception – he looks nothing like Cillian Murphy. If you had an eye maybe you would say Jonathan Jackson or Leonardo DiCaprio

    • Hmm… while I agree that he does look like Leonardo DiCaprio, I would also like to say that he has nothing of the goodie image that DiCaprio had in his heyday. If you had an eye you’d agree that comparing him to DiCaprio would be inviting him to seem like a early DiCaprio heartthrob, and I’d say that his movie choices thus far have not really been that cutesy. Could you imagine him in Titanic? Cillian Murphy has more of that rough-around-the-edges quality I was talking about. But hey, thanks for your comment, I hope you’ll be able to move on in your life due to my ” poor”judgment.

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